Western States Regional Genetics Networks

Office Location: Honolulu, Hawaii
States: Alaska, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Oregon, Washington, Guam

Director: Sylvia Mann, M.S., C.G.C. (Director)

Website: http://www.westernstatesgenetics.org/index.htm
Mission Statement: “The project has three main goals:
  • Goal A: Establish and maintain the infrastructure needed to support the Western States Regional Genetic Services Collaborative activities.
  • Goal B: Refine, pilot, and evaluate a regional practice model that improves access to specialty genetic services, comprehensive primary care, and care coordination for children with heritable conditions living far away from comprehensive genetics and metabolic centers.
  • Goal C: Increase the capacity of the collaborating states' and territory's public health agencies to perform their genetics-related assessment, policy development, and assurance functions.”
Featured Resources/Activities: The Western States Genetic Services Collaborative (WSGSC) provides an abundant amount of information about the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in an easy to use interactive “Through the Life Course” map.  WSGSC begins by giving an overview of the information available depending on personal needs and/or questions. The map provides an overview of the new law by explaining what health insurance exchanges are, health benefits, and different terms and resources referenced throughout the ACA. In addition, the map provides different topical areas on how the law will affect an individual depending on life stages. By exploring each section, users are able to fully understand how the Affordable Care Act changes the current health care structure and how the new law may impact the user individually. This website also addresses family members who have a child with a genetic condition. By aggregating information regarding the ACA into relevant categories, the Through the Life Course website makes it easy for users to find information relevant to their life circumstances. To experience the interactive map, visit the new WSGSC “Through the Life Course” website. 

Contact Information: 
Western States Genetic Service Collaborative 
Hawaii Department of Health
Genetics Program 
741 Sunset Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96816 
Tel: (808) 733-9072