New England Regional Genetics Network (NERGN)

Office Location: Durham, New Hampshire
States: Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont


Mission Statement: “The mission of the New England  Regional Genetics Network (NERGN) is to promote and improve health and social well-being of those with inherited conditions through collaborations among  public health professionals, private health professionals, educators, consumers and advocates in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.”

Featured Resources/Activities: Activities that will take place from 6/1/17 to 5/31/20 include: Development and implementation of a training program for Community Health Workers to identify and refer individuals who have, or are at risk for having, a genetic condition; Provide genetics expertise to a complex pediatrics Project ECHO; Recruit pediatric and family practices to participate in the complex pediatrics Project ECHO and eConsults program; Provide telegenetics training to students in genetic counseling training programs; Engage individuals with genetic conditions and their families to participate in reaching underserved families, quality improvement activities, review resources and materials, and dissemination of resources and materials; and Engage in quality improvement activities consistent with the other Regional Genetics Networks. 

Summary of Projects: The NERGN will work with the other six Regional Genetics Networks (RGN), the National Coordinating Center (NCC) and the National Genetics Education and Family Support Center (NGEFSC) to: 1) link medically underserved populations (based on poverty, rural geographic location, and/or populations that experience health disparities) to genetic services; 2) implement quality improvement activities to increase the connection with genetic services for the medically underserved; 3) implement evidence-based innovative models of telehealth and/or telemedicine with a focus on clinical genetics outreach; and 4) provide resources to genetic service providers, public health officials and families.

Contact Information:
The New England Genetics Collaborative
10 West Edge Drive
Suite 101, Durham, NH 03284