NCC at the ACMG Annual Clinical Genetics 2017 Meeting

Advocate Leader Program, Community Conversation, and Posters

NCC Community Conversation

Accessing genetic services represents an ongoing challenge for all, but especially the medically underserved. The HRSA-funded Regional Genetics Service Collaboratives (RCs) have undertaken projects to understand those challenges and begin to consider ways to address them to improve access to care, but also to improve the care provided by genetics providers. It is not just getting patients to an appointment, physically or through telemedicine, it is also engaging them in a culturally meaningful and appropriate manner. The dialogue showcased engagement of populations of diversity with genetic conditions, the success of such engagement in overcoming barriers to access to care, and unique approaches to understanding how to reach medically underserved populations in a culturally attuned manner. This event was supported by NCC, the Mountain States Genetic Regional Collaborative, and the Heartland Genetic Service Collaborative.

NCC/RC Advocate Leader Program

From March 22nd to 25th, nine advocate leaders, nine genetic counseling students, and faculty came together to discuss their experiences both at the ACMG Annual Clinical Genetics Meeting and within the genetic service system.  Supported by their individual RCs, the advocate leaders shared their viewpoints of presentations given at the ACMG Meeting.  The nine genetic counseling students, supported by the Heartland Genetic Service Collaborative, provided valuable insight as students training to be genetic providers. Attendees perspectives will be published shortly in a special edition of the NCC Collaborator.


Other Activities

In addition to the two programs, NCC attended the Telegenetics Meet and Greet hosted by the Western States Genetic Collaboratives and Heartland Genetic Service Collaboratives, presented two posters, and exhibited NCC/RC resources.