NBS Hearing Screening Workgroup

Within the current screening system, certain individuals who experience hearing loss before the age of 5 are not identified until they enter school. Through the support of funding from the Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA), NCC aims to develop a guideline that provides options to improve early detection of hearing loss before the age of 5.

The workgroup and its members will review existing evidence of the genes associated with hearing loss to better understand the genetic etiology of hearing loss missed in newborn screening but presenting in the first four years of life. As the evidence is reviewed, a template will be used to identify the key elements discussed within each article. Upon completing the evidence review, the NCC NBS Hearing Screening Workgroup will partner with the ClinGen Hereditary Hearing Loss Workgroup to assess the hearing loss genes identified in the ClinVar database. Once the known genes are reviewed, a manuscript will be developed to outline the options to improve detection of hearing loss before the age of 5.